Bespoke Psychometric Profiling

Psychometric Profiling and Workplace Behavioural Analysis are services that we use extensively to support both internal activities and external services.

Internally we use the tools in recruitment, job selection, team development and managing conflict; externally we primarily support our clients with their recruitment needs although we have also provided significant support to client management teams through the psychometric testing of the team and then through the explanation and demonstration of different communication styles – often the cause of conflict.

Thorn SDS has a Gold Licence from Thomas International and employs practitioners that are formally trained and accredited in a range of psychometric testing instruments.

Thorn SDS has administered these tests and provided feedback to a number of international organisations who have used the tests extensively. Thomas International products have been used to support and improve selection process at various organisations including: EUMETSAT, Siemens, Denmark; Willmott Dixon, UK; Heineken Cervejaria Kaiser, Brazil; Allianz, UK and Germany; Colgate, Portugal; Ikea, Finland; BP Lubricants America, USA.

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