We configure, manage and monitor the communication links from controllers to the applicable ground segment wherever this may be across the globe. We manage and develop the schedule, configure the links and ensure seamless communication to the spacecraft is established and maintained. We also provide a level of first line IT/network support and provide specialist support in the areas of ground segment engineering, business process management, simulations and training, and information security.

For the Ministry of Defence

We manage a legacy network of communication links across RAF sites in the UK. Our remit is to maintain the communications service (Ground to Air communications) whilst avoiding potentially expensive technology refresh activities. This involves regular redesign and obsolescence management activities.


We support the Personnel team with recruitment advertising support and a bespoke psychometric profiling service. The recruitment advertising is designed to attract high quality candidates from across Europe whilst the profiling service provides a work place psychometric profile of prospective candidates. In addition to these services we also contract specialist engineers to deliver support to spacecraft programmes.

For QinetiQ

We support QinetiQ in the design, operation and maintenance of a secure network. This network manages environmental data from various data sources, delivering environmental products to military customers. Our engineering team are embedded within the client's premises and act as an extension of the client's own engineering capability.

For client enquiries, please contact: Howard Farr

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