Company Profile

Delivering an effective outsourcing service based around our customers, working in collaboration, focusing on innovation with people you can trust.

Incorporated in 2010, Freedom Managed Services LLP, trading as Thorn SDS, is an independent business with a 20 years heritage of providing exceptional service solutions. We operate predominantly in the Space, Defence and IT Security sectors.

Thorn SDS is part of the Evergreen group and operates from its HQ in Alton, Hampshire, UK. However, we also have a subsidiary office (Thorn Sicherheits) in Darmstadt, Germany.

We have well-established, long-term relationships with UK Defence companies, Ministry of Defence (MOD), European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Meteorological Satellite Agency (EUMETSAT).

Our core values of adaptability, excellence, risk share and innovation are prevalent in all activities we undertake and set us apart from our competition. As a proactive service partner, we engage with client organisations to enable them to prioritise their core services.

Services include:

News & Social Media

ISO 9001 certified ISO 27001 certified