HR Partner Recruitment Support

We are in the business of identifying what our prospective clients need rather than selling them hard services at the front door.

At Thorn SDS we consult with organisations to objectively review the deployment of their human resources to optimise best practice on critical missions, programme management and operational support including but not limited to:

  • Objective Organisational problem-solving;
  • Resource re-deployment and optimisation;
  • Change Management.

As a proactive service partner, we engage with client organisations to strengthen HR and optimise technical resourcing issues to enable our clients to prioritise their core services.

With our HR Partner Recruitment Support services including Recruitment Advertising and Employer Branding we enable the employment of professionals of the highest ability, efficiency and integrity internationally-renowned and inter-governmental organisations. We are able to offer a distinct advantage over utilising the services of a pure recruitment agency; we offer the necessary and proven recruitment and media skills alongside extensive experience of working in the Satellite, Space, Defence and Secure Data sectors with Industry partners, inter-governmental and international organisations. We scope out the true nature of each client’s objectives including the recruitment and retention of a core resource of talented and engaged people with relevant skills; we also understand the extreme competition faced by organisations in recruitment and media exposure to achieve those objectives.

We are very aware of the importance that the selection of appropriate media for advertising vacancies has each campaign and how politically sensitive it may be that advertisements and roles are accessible to candidates in respective countries, especially those that may be under-represented.

We understand that organisations require increased focus for a clear and defined presentation of their Employer Brand within the market place, presenting a positive image and ensuring that it competes effectively in attracting, where appropriate, high potentials, engineers, scientists and experienced technical managers. We have key initiatives within our service offerings that include:

  • A commitment to work with our clients in developing a clear Employer Branding and Recruitment Advertising Strategy, and then to drive and complete identified actions through a delivery programme based on progress meetings in an agreed and flexible schedule. We have a range of strategies as to how our clients can engage with other organisations, change the demographic, encourage more women to engineering positions, attract a younger talent pool, and develop an exceptionally strong brand in the recruitment market;
  • We group vacancies into job families (Senior Managers, Technical Managers, Engineers, Scientists, Early Careers, and Administrators). This initiative enables us to establish defined recruitment action plans that are focussed by grouping. We also use these groupings to highlight specific opportunities, and to work with journals to promote the idea of working in Science in Space, for example. It also enables us to address any specific issues and implement any lessons learnt.

The experience gained in meeting its own operational commitments and those on behalf of other clients makes Thorn SDS an ideal service partner.

We have relationships, framework contracts, service contracts, etc., with inter-governmental and international customers, and believe in a close working relationship with those customers. Thorn SDS continues to build on its existing relationships to strategically reinforce its clients’ respective future position in the marketplace as each organisation plans and faces new missions and challenges.

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