Recruitment & HR Support

As a proactive service partner, we engage with client organisations to strengthen HR and optimise resourcing issues to enable our clients to prioritise their core services.

Our HR Partner Support Capabilities, including employer branding, recruitment advertising and specialist recruitment activities, support the recruitment of specialist professionals, experts and graduates of the highest ability, provide efficiency and integrity to our clients – generally internationally renowned and inter-governmental organisations. We can offer a distinct advantage over utilising the services of a pure recruitment agency, as we work on a retained basis, providing support directly to the hiring manager. We advise on recruitment best practice, fair and appropriate selection and assessment techniques, attraction strategies and on-boarding. We understand the importance of the employer brand and how an organisation’s culture and values can influence an applicant’s career choice.

We have extensive experience of working in the Space, Security, High Technology, and IT sectors, where we provide transparent, high quality solutions.

Thorn SDS are very aware of the importance of matching candidates to the culture of employers, selecting the most appropriate media messages for advertising vacancies and having a highly effective selection and assessment processes for every level of recruitment.

We have key initiatives within our service that include, but not limited to:

A commitment to work with our clients to develop and adhere to clear employer branding and recruitment advertising strategy – driving and completing identified actions in a timely manner through a delivery programme based on regular progress and update meetings.

We have a range of strategies to enable our clients to engage with other organisations, change the demographic, encourage a wider and more diverse application base. Our examples include being asked to run a number of programmes to encourage more women into engineering careers, attracting a younger talent pool of engineers and scientists for an international client, along with developing a strong brand in the recruitment market to attract the attention of more diverse audience.

When we partner with larger organisations, we will work with them to map potential vacancies. This allows us to identify job families (Senior managers, Technical Managers, Engineers, Scientists, Graduates, Administrators, etc) – so that we can develop defined recruitment action plans in advance and make the recruitment process more effective and efficient.

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