Managed Staffing Services

We supply skilled Developed Vetting (DV) and Security Check (SC) engineers/technical professionals on a "contractors as a service" basis embedded into client organisations as opposed to staff headcount cost. Our customers include ESA (ESOC, ESTRACK), QinetiQ, Eumetsat and the UK MOD.

We have well-established, long-term relationships with international and inter-governmental clients. We also have formal partnerships with a number of larger Prime Contractors in the Satellite, Space, Defence and Secure Data markets; we regularly act as a high value and active consortia member for Engineering Services, Real Time Operations and IT Services. We provide security-cleared staff; we have the appropriate company accreditations to manage the vetting service and ensure that staff is cleared to the designated levels.

Our core values of adaptability, excellence, risk share and innovation are prevalent in all activities we undertake, and set us apart from our competition. As a proactive service partner, we engage with client organisations to optimise HR and technical resourcing issues to enable our clients to prioritise their core services.

Specific examples of our services include:

  • The design, operation and maintenance of secure networks. One network manages environmental data from various data sources, delivering environmental products to military customers. Our engineering team is embedded within the client's premises and acts as an extension of the client's own engineering capability supporting the capability 24x7;
  • One of our teams in Germany configures, manages and monitors communication links from spacecraft controllers to the applicable ground segment, wherever this may be across the globe. We manage and develop the schedule, configure the links and ensure seamless communication to the spacecraft is established and maintained.

Managed staffing services for Real-time Operations and IT in Secure Data environments; reviewing independently the deployment of human resources to optimise best practice for critical missions, operational support, business transformation, analysis of existing and routine processes; Programme and Project Management; putting the appropriate individuals with the relevant skill sets into your teams.

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