Esports Company

Esports Company

An esports company based in Canada that required policy documents and HR processes.

The Challenge

An esports company based in Canada were looking to build up their business in the UK and employ staff here. They were looking at getting business insurance and needed to ensure that they were compliant with UK employment law and had the correct HR Infrastructure in place. Once we had built a relationship with this client, their CEO who was also responsible for HR left the business, bringing a new set of challenges. 

The Solution

We started by designing and creating their policy documents, staff contracts as well as health and safety risk assessments on all of their home workers. Our risk assessments cover all potential hazards in the home, not just DSE (Display screen equipment). Their main focus was to become an employer of choice. 


When the CEO left the business, we provided a true all-encompassing HR service for a three-month period, becoming their HR function and supporting the Chairman, COO and Board of Directors.

The Results

The client was insured and has now become an employer of choice, all their HR processes are in place, and we continue to carry out home worker risk assessments on new staff joining the business. We are on hand to support them with HR issues and queries as and when they arise and also assist in coaching their team. We have also supported them in finding a HR generalist to take over from us at the end of the three months and will be there to hand over to the new starter when ready.

The Future

They continue to grow and scale up the business and may require on-going support from us once their new HR Generalist has started. We have rolled out a return-to-work policy for staff members and we are also training the board of directors on processes and how to combat certain issues so moving forward, they can do this on their own. Our focus has been from the start to get their HR to the level it needs to be at and also equip them for the future. 



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