How to ensure your home workers are safe AND productive

➜  Do you have staff that now work some home-based activities?

➜  Do you fully understand your NEW legal safety requirements for employing home workers?

➜  Have you put in place a hybrid working policy that includes home worker risk assessment?

➜  Do you understand the compliance issues that relate to home working?

Discover the important steps in a home worker risk assessment that simultaneously protects employee rights and business performance.

Includes a home worker risk assessment template you can use straight away.

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Hybrid working is a totally different​ employment model

➜  Are you stuck on how to move forward since restrictions eased?

➜  Struggling to get your staff back full time in the office?

➜  Are you debating bringing all of your staff back full time?

➜  Do you understand how Hybrid working could work for you?

Hybrid Working is not the same as flexible working

Hybrid Working is really not the same as flexible working and needs formalised policies in place for compliance and best practise.

Many businesses are unclear as to what they need to do to protect both employee rights and business performance.

Benchmark your understanding of where your business is at, in our 10 minute on-line Hybrid Working Audit.

Includes a FREE home worker risk assessment template

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A catalyst to successful change

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought lots of change to many businesses and employees, being forced to work from home and adapt to meeting online… 

The change has left many businesses wondering where they go from here. 

Forward-thinking companies need to embrace new hybrid working models, but in order to grow and manage a safe, productive working environment, this needs proper processes.

Thorn SDS can smooth this transition with a complete hybrid working transformation and support service, which embraces your drivers for change. 

Get in touch and explore your needs better – find out how to deliver compliant policies and become an employer of choice.

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