New Hybrid Working Models

Forward thinking companies need to embrace new hybrid working models, as we all emerge from the pandemic in order to grow and manage a safe, productive working environment. We can smooth this transition with a complete hybrid working transformation and support service, which embraces your drivers for change. Take our Hybrid Working Audit and understand what needs to be done.

Hybrid working models that work for your business

Are you stuck on how to move forward since restrictions eased?

Are you struggling to get your staff back full time in the office?

Are you debating bringing all of your staff back full time?

Do you understand how Hybrid working could work for you?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought lots of change to many businesses and employees, being forced to work from home and adapt to meeting online… The change has left many people wondering where they go from here. 

Do we bring everyone back to the office when we are allowed?

Hybrid working is a new model of working meaning a split between home and office working.

How could that work for your business and what would your employees prefer?

We have designed a brilliant 10 minute audit that will help you identify the answers to these questions.

What we do

The new way of working is a mixture of office and home and will be for a while.

Our audit is designed for you to understand what Hybrid Working will mean for your company and your people, and how you adopt a new way of working into your operation. Our service is designed to support you in getting there. Understand what hybrid working means for you. 

Why choose us?

Since the pandemic in 2020 we, like many others, have adapted the way we work. With some staff working from home and others still needing to be out in the field, we have experience managing staff and operations with ambiguity, always thinking of logical steps forward.

The knowledge and experience within our team comes from over 25 years of managing the health, safety, welfare, and HR of our staff in different environments. 

Why is this important to you?

Putting a structure in place that facilitates a flexible approach to Hybrid Working will allow staff  to have a healthy balance between work and life, and at the same time retain the productivity needed for the future of the business.

It will increase employee engagement and satisfaction, empower creativity and support a strong new culture to enable your business to become an employer of choice. 

You choose how to work with us

We are totally flexible with the way we work;

  1. We offer HR services on a consultancy basis if you just need some HR advice.

  2. We can work on a project basis if you have a specific issue needing support.

  3. We can work as your embedded HR person or department; to be there to support you when you need it.

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