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We work together to deliver effective outsourced business services. Focusing on the needs of our clients, we come up with creative HR solutions to problems that arise with employees and within operations of a business. We seek to understand our clients and work with them, enabling them to focus on their core business.

Company profile

Thorn SDS is part of the Evergreen group and operates from its HQ in Alton, Hampshire, UK. We also have a subsidiary office (Thorn Sicherheits) in Darmstadt, Germany to service our European clients.

We like to think that our processes and systems are best in class because we are able to draw on expertise and experience from working in highly technical, secure, and demanding environments such as Defence and Space.

Our core values of Integrity, Innovation, Adaptability, Employee experience and social consciousness is spread across all the work we do.

They are not only important to us internally but are values we stand by when working with our clients.

Our Core Values...


We are comfortable dealing with change and ambiguity, working flexibly around our clients to meet their needs. Offering a reliable service when it’s needed, ready to react to challenges that arise. 

Employee experience

Putting ours and your employee experience as a focus of what we do and the HR solutions we offer. Flexible working that encourages more of work-life balance and centres itself around the health & wellbeing of employees. Allowing our clients to create a healthy company culture and in turn become an employer of choice. 


Building trust in our relationships from day one, we put integrity at the heart of the services we provide. Ensuring we remain diligent and professional every step of the way, our customers put their faith in us to deliver. 


Co-operating with our clients and working in a constructive manor, we think through the problems our clients face and come up with innovate solutions so the client can in turn focus on their own innovation. 

Socially conscious

We challenge ourselves to be socially conscious across the board of what we do and how we operate. Looking at what we can do internally to become more environmentally friendly, being aware that all HR solutions need to engage with social issues and taking ownership of how we impact the people and world around us. 

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