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Security Operations

Thorn SDS provides dynamic teams that support IT and Spacecraft Infrastructure for key clients, offering first and second line operational and support services, including responsive on-call and out-of-hours assistance.
In addition, our highly skilled specialists in Darmstadt, Germany, collaborate with European satellite agencies, delivering critical services such as Spacecraft Operations Engineering, comprehensive training programs, and cutting-edge system engineering.

Trusted Managed IT Service Provider

At Thorn SDS, we recruit, train and manage highly-specialist resources in the IT, Security and Space domains.

Operating from both the UK and Germany, we have extensive experience in providing services to Space and Defence Prime Contractors, and directly to intergovernmental organisations. 

Our current portfolio of capabilities include Lead Training Officers, Systems Operations Engineers, Spacecraft Operations Engineers, DevOps Engineers (Defence), Simulations Officers, Technicians and Business Process Analysts.

Case Study

Thorn SDS has a subsidiary business in Germany which provides highly technical support services into the Space sector, at both the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Meteorological Satellite Agency (EUMETSAT).

Over the past decade we have successfully managed a 24×7 ground station control centre, ground station scheduling facility, voice and communications technical services, simulations activities, spacecraft operations engineering, system operations engineering and technical training programmes. This is a highly competitive space with many established companies offering services.

The key to being a success relies on our ability to recruit the best staff for the available positions and then ensuring that the culture of the wider team matches the culture and aspirations of the business. Working for a small business is quite different to navigating the complex and often matrixed layer of management in a larger organisation.


We recently sourced and secured a highly specialised Spacecraft Operations Engineer for our service team at EUMETSAT. Our knowledge of the spacecraft development programme for a particular satellite, our understanding of where elements were combined, where testing was being planned and carried out enabled us to target and identify appropriately skilled expert staff.

Once we have recruited a new team member, we fully support them with their relocation to Germany and preparatory activities for the role. In this (current) example we are managing pre-flight Covid-19 testing, flights, car hire, quarantine, provisions shopping, further testing, advance training needs and we are also supporting with local registrations and flat searches.

This is norm for Thorn – we understand that people are our main asset; we take their recruitment seriously and their well-being and retention even more seriously!

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