Managed services provider

From sourcing, employing, and managing embedded engineers within client organisations, we support our clients with the design, operation, and maintenance of secure networks through consultancy & project work.

Why use a managed services provider?

Do you need a member of staff, perhaps a specialist, but don’t want the overall responsibility of managing them?

Do you know what competencies your staff have or need for their roles?

Perhaps you are struggling to fill a highly technical role?

Thorn SDS have years of experience managing staff that are embedded in our clients’ programmes or projects.

We have experience recruiting staff from all over the EU, we know where to advertise to find the right people, especially for highly technical roles. 

As a managed services provider, we background check, train, and where necessary security clear employees to the level required for the role.

There are a number of ways we can support you. One way we support is through developing and improving the competencies of your current employees, with our competency management programme.

This programme identifies gaps in training or qualifications your employees need to do their jobs most effectively. It means more focussed and motivated staff and higher productivity levels.

Managed Staffing

Let us find and manage the best specialist teams for your business.

IT & Space Operations

Supplying the best in IT engineers into the aerospace and defence sectors.

Workforce Planning

Ensure that your organisation has the right people and skills to fulfil its strategic objectives.

Skills & Training Competency

Identify the gaps in training or qualifications that your employees need to do their jobs most effectively.

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