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Stick to traditions or a future way of working: What Hybrid Working means for you

Should we stick to traditions or embrace a future way of working? What Hybrid Working means for you Traditions: “A brief principle, or way of acting that people in a particular society or group have continued to follow for a long time” (Cambridge Dictionary).  Traditional office life means everyone is under one roof and you have the team working together and collaborating. Everyone commutes in daily, all by different modes of transport, from different areas. For a lot of business owners, actively seeing their staff work eases their mind that their staff are actually working, being productive. Is this an assumption or a fact?  When it comes to creative roles and environments the business may well work best when everyone is together, where you can have direct conversations and bounce of one another. Similar to a sales environment, you may find the team performs best when the team is actually together. On the flip side, does an IT or administration team need to be in the office full time if the roles are mainly computer focused?  Since the start of the pandemic how have your employees been working? Many of us were forced to work from home and regardless of



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