EUMETSAT are an intergovernmental organisation based in Germany. As most organisations of its kind, they procure services through tenders by describing the requirement or challenge they face, allowing companies to bid for the work.

The Challenge

 Initially we were contracted to provide psychometric profiling on staffing short lists during recruitment exercises. We then extended this provision to include the preparation and advertising of their staff vacancies (approx. 50 per year). They were looking for support with their recruitment advertising (vacancy notices and media campaigns) due to being limited on their applications and not fishing in a wide enough pool. Historically, with the experience they were advertising for, a candidate had to have been working there already.

The Solution

We started with their vacancy notices and media campaign, which differed depending on the role, designed to find experts within those specific areas. Our solution was based around where we could find these people as they had restrictions on who they wanted and could employ. We had to be mindful that we found people in the same EU countries EUMETSAT had received funding from, for example if 60% of funding came from Germany, we needed to advertise and find 60% of staff in Germany. We wrote each vacancy internally and built an understanding of where in the EU we could find the right people. If we were looking for someone with experience in ground stations, we would look to advertise in areas within the EU that has ground stations, to target the relevant people. 

The Results

The original contract was for three years; however, this was extended to just over five years in total. We built a solid relationship with the client and created an effective process that met their needs at the time. Over the course of the time that we had the contract, through our campaigns, we helped to find between 200-250 new members of staff for EUMETSAT. 

The Future

After building a solid platform for advertising and attracting new staff into the business, EUMETSAT decided to continue developing from what we created and looked to bring on a provider that could manage the whole process from advertising to vetting and onboarding. Due to the contract being won from procuring via tender, this naturally drew to a close for us. 



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