UK Engineering Startup

A UK Engineering company

A small start-up electrical engineering company looking to grow their business.

The Challenge

This client is an electrical engineering company, dealing mainly with high and low voltage. They were a small start-up business looking to start growing/scaling up the business, beginning to recruit their first employees and needed support with HR Infrastructure and onboarding on new employees. 

The Solution

We started by creating their policies, processes, and staff contracts to ensure they were compliant and had the basis of HR Infrastructure in place. 


There came an opportunity to support them with other work, after they secured a contract to set up facilities and staff working within EU. 


Using our methodology and work we have done previously; we have been creating a competency management programme whereby we identify core competencies within the team.  Working out what competencies each individual staff member has, along with their training and certifications. Completing self-assessments and individual training plans to ensure each member of staff is up to the level they need to be at.

The Results

We supported them on starting up in the UK, onboarding of new staff and what they need to do when deploying their staff into the EU. 


Because of the work we have done over the years in Germany, we understand the difference in tax laws and ensured their staff are paying the right tax but also are not double taxed. 


We also refreshed the staff contracts, so they are employed in the UK and have an attachment to the contract that covers them working the EU.

The Future

We are continuing our support through the competency management programme and also ongoing HR support with new staff they bring on board. 



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