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Is your business compliant? Do you have 5 employees or more? Thorn SDS discuss what Health & Safety policies you need now and for future growth

Five things health & safety all SMEs should be doing

Health and Safety policy  If you have five employees or more it is essential, you have a clearly documented health & safety policy. Its good practise that all employees are aware of the policy, what it entails, ensuring anyone new to the business is also aware of the policy. If you continue to grow, this is something that you need to continually review. Ensure you’ve considered all Health and Safety arrangements  You must consider your place of work, any potential dangers, or hazards and how and where your employees are working. Having a document that explains how you manage and maintain your health & safety will be helpful in keeping up to date with checks and reviews, as well as, having a point of reference to go to if or when an instance occurs. Training staff on health & safety and their obligation  It is good practise and, in some cases, essential to train your employees on health & safety, educate them to potential risks, even if it can seem like common sense. They need to be informed on your policy, what they do in the event of a fire, and the general health & safety of their particular role. Employees also



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