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Get your staff aligned and pulling together and your business will flourish. We offer a range of HR Consultancy Services to help your business thrive. From recruitment advertising to policies and procedures, staff handbooks and employment contracts, grievance and disciplinary support to staff performance and wellbeing.

Become an employer of choice

Do you find it difficult finding and then keeping the right people for your business?

Do you want to expand your business and need some practical HR advice to help you manage more staff?

We support our customers with everything people related, focusing on innovative solutions to their HR problems. 

Whether you are new to HR or already have a department, we have the expertise and experience needed to ensure you have the infrastructure you need. 


From start to finish of the employee life cycle, we work with you to attract the right people for your business and keep them there.

Whether you’re a start up business that is looking to bring on their first employees, or a business that is looking to grow or scale up,  we will ensure you are compliant with UK HR Law and with our expert help, you can become a business where people really want to work. 

What we do

With laser focus on HR infrastructure, we engage with our clients to strengthen HR processes and optimise resourcing issues and this enables them to  prioritise core services. From support with onboarding new people to incident support, we have the range of HR consultancy services and models that will cover all your needs, putting the employee experience and sustainability at the heart of what we do. 

Why choose us?

We have extensive experience of working in the most demanding sectors, such as, Space, Security, Technology, and IT, providing transparent, high-quality HR solutions. Tapping into this experience, we are able to create innovative ways of dealing with problems our clients face, so they can focus on what they are good at. 

Why is this important to you?

Simply speaking, we take your HR stresses away.  We  ensure that you are compliant with HR laws, and have the best policies and operations in place.  All this keeps your staff motivated, improves employee relations, and  training will support development for your staff. The outcome being that you will have more time to spend on the business.

You choose how to work with us

We are flexible with the way we work;

  1. We offer HR services on a consultancy basis if you just need some HR advice.

  2. We can work on a project basis if you have a specific issue needing support.

  3. We can work as your embedded HR person or department; to be there to support you when you need it. 

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